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Trails & Amenities

Park Features
Map of Dayton Bike Yard Showing Trails and Park Features
Map of Dayton Bike Yard Showing Trails and Park Features
Bench and Trees Along Multi-Purpose Trail at Dayton Bike Yard

Virginia McNeal Perimeter Trail

The perimeter trail is a multi-use paved path intended for all users’ enjoyment. Everyone can utilize this path for fitness or fun. This element travels around the perimeter of the park and totals ½ mile per loop.

Novice Trail
Bicycle Playground at Dayton Bike Yard

Bicycle Playground

A Bicycle Playground is a playground designed with features for those with less experience. Everyone can use and enjoy the Bicycle Playground regardless of age; it provides opportunities for easy progression.

Novice Trail
Velo Solutions Pump Tracks at Dayton Bike Yard

Velo Solutions Pump Tracks

For the uninitiated, “Pump” describes the technique of generating momentum on a bike without pedaling. By shifting weight on the bike and “pumping” over rollers and through turns a rider can produce forward momentum. This action builds focus, concentration, and intensity.

Beginner & Intermediate Trails
Fantastic Voyage and Funky Worm at Dayton Bike Yard

Fantastic Voyage & Funky Worm

Resembling traditional natural surface trails that most mountain bikers are familiar with, these singletrack trails have technical features prefabricated skills elements to help riders work on their technique.

Novice & Beginner Trails
Rock Skills Trail at Dayton Bike Yard

More Bounce to the Ounce

This Rock Skills Trail is a natural surface track designed to challenge riders of all skill levels with technical features including rock gardens, bridges, and boulders.

Beginner & Intermediate Trails
Slope Style Trails at Dayton Bike Yard

Z Line & Dead Wreckoning

Slopestyle trails are rhythm and flow oriented downhill trails with a variety of human-made features. The Z Line is the park’s most challenging trail with whale tail, wall ride, mandatory jumps, and gaps of up to 12’. Dead Wreckoning provides an intermediate or advanced experience with wall ride, optional jumps, and gaps of up to 10’. These trails are asphalt.

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Intermediate, Advanced, & Expert Trails
Flow Trails at Dayton Bike Yard

Gyroscope & Rover

Flow trails create roller coaster-like sensations as a rider descends the course. They create a rolling rhythm by smoothly combining features like banked turns, rollers, and jumps to guide the rider through the landscape in a seamless fashion. These trails are asphalt.

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Beginner & Intermediate Trails
Jump Lines at Dayton Bike Yard

Test Flight & Touch-And-Go

Jump Lines are a series of asphalt jump take-offs and landings. Jumps are built in a range of sizes that allow for progression for beginner jumpers to expert athletes.

Beginner & Intermediate Trails
  • Alternative Southside View of Shelter at Dayton Bike Yard
Shelter Reservations

Plan an Event

The park shelter at Welcome Park is available for special event reservations from April 1 to September 30 and may be occupied from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. The shelter seats approximately 25 people and costs $50 per day.

Water and restrooms are available May 1 through September 30.

For full reservation details and to access required forms, visit the Park Shelter Reservation page on the City of Dayton’s website.

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